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Goodness, my apologies. Was I in your way? I was just engrossed in my reading about Orqwith.”

retreating a few steps, she snaps shut a book with a completely black cover (and, if one looked closely, was it just a trick of the light that the pages appeared completely black too?) tucking a stray lock of flax behind her ear, she flashes a cordial smile.

     Fascinating, in both a historical and geographical sense. My name’s Rose, by the way, and yours?”

Ignorance does not equal bliss in the puzzling mind of the detective. No, knowledge is bliss, understanding is bliss. Ignorance is not. She cannot say she is all too familiar with the topic of Orqwith. Though she would not oppose to learning about such a place, it was never deemed relative to her studies nor cases. Imposing limits upon one forces their minds to be confined—and besides, one only uses 10% of their brain as is. Imagine the possibilities one could face if they used their brains even more.

Interestingly enough, what caught the eye of the sleuth was the book itself. An entire cover coated in ebony, pages glistening of black… what could possibly one do with quite the novel?

It is best to curb the curiosity of the sleuth when able.

Pardon myself, but I cannot say I’m all too familiar with such a topic. My profession does not really rely on history and geography.

Kyouko Kirigiri. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.



|▲✱▼| ——————————————————————— “A-ah..Really? I didn’t know I came of as that.”

You are quite the amiable person. Of course you come off as such a way.
She is taciturn for a moment.

Anyway, have you been well?



|✝♔✝| —————————————————————— “I’ve gathered quite a lot of people today, this has to be at least eight, just today.”


That does not surprise me much, Naegi-kun—you’ve always been the ‘popular’ type.

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❀ about me ❀


name: kendle

age: 17

birthday: august 30th

zodiac: virgo

single or taken: single

height:  5’7”

eye color: brown/hazel

middle name: elizabeth

favorite color: purple and pastel pink

lucky number: 12


favorite fictional character: *laughs in distance* 

favorite television show: house of cards;; vanderpump rules;; literally any bridal reality tv show tbh

favorite season: summer

describe yourself in a few words: compassionate, empathetic, kind, shy

future children’s names: boy: liam or evan. girl: josephine (josie for short since it’s the cutest nickname ever)

meaning of your name: nothing too exciting—literally means “Valley Of The River Kent”.

ultimate otp: naegiri, akirai, yumikuri

what do you plan to/do for a living: so i kinda wanna be a neonatal nurse nbd

starbucks order: i hate coffee so no


introvert or extrovert: tbh im more ambiverted so *laughs in distance*

dawn or dusk: dawn

righty or lefty: righty

coffee or tea: tea

rain or shine: shine

reading or writing: writing



     ”First and foremost, thanks for agreeing to meet with me. I’m sure someone as popular as you is in high demand. Matsuda clears his throat; leans back in his desk chair.

          “I have some work for you. How good are you at finding out about people?

The detective is hard to provoke, but it is wise to not to do so; especially when one is needy of her assistance.

Gloved fingers grasp around the handle of a tea cup. She would ignore such a comment for now.

Considering it is part of my profession, I would say it’s safe to assume that I am skilled at doing so. Why do you inquire, Matsuda-kun?

i’m Blushing tbh

{ you guys are just The Cutest like your matsujun game is so spot on that it’s like. wow. wow. ngl i don’t stalk people’s threads much but i always like seeing your characters interact ;u; }

{ I love seeing monoshima and yasukuma on my dash it just wow you guys are fab ok }