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// 9. Do you like kittens.

She has vibrant eyes and is the epitome of pure innocence. She is not the stoic girl she becomes ten years later—for now, she is kind and sweet and expressive.

Kittens are really cute! I like kittens lots! The statement is followed by a cheesy grin.

Pick an age or point on the character’s timeline, and ask a question. The character will respond as the age.

♛ + 4 - Lavender Enigma.


            { ♛ } — Her words cause the regent to lean back in the throne she placed herself upon, a brow arching.

 And who are you to speak to me in such a manner, knave? 

And yet, she is silent. Instead, she leans forward, counteracting her previous movement; her hands are folded neatly in her lap. “Precisely as to why I apologized for myself beforehand, miss. You see, running a country takes quite a bit of effort, and I’ve found that fatigue makes even the kindest of souls a touch irritable.” 

            She nods to the violet-haired girl in front of her, blinking. “And so, I apologize for my actions, should they have offended you. Perhaps I might have your name?”

An apology was not what the sleuth had expected from the queen. Regality often leads those who bask in its powers arrogant, yet the graceful queen herself was willing to admit her wrongdoings. She seems to be a leader who is well-respected by her subjects—or at least, the detective deduces that.

But despite being apologetic, there is still condescension that lurks; something about the way the regal queen presents herself gives the detective an off-put feeling. But there is not enough evidence to prove her claims, so it is best to decide to lurk until answers can be found.

Understandably so. Fatigue can wear down even the strongest of bones; not even the most royal can escape its grasps.

A momentary pause—there is slight hesitance.

Kirigiri Kyouko; it is an honor to make your acquaintance. And cue a curtsy. She is in the presence of the queen herself, after all.

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tbh naegi and maizono gl

{ naegi because sayaka is already dead 8) boom got em }

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mysticae (adj)-mystical
Independent Kyouko Kirigiri
  • track tag: mysticae
  • 4+ years of serious roleplaying experience
  • primarily set to post-despair, yet timeline can fluctuate; willing to roleplay aus and crossovers
  • ranges from one-liners to novella; versatile with style and length
  • will contain spoilers for dr/sdr2
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Name: Kirigiri Kyouko
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Parents: Kirigiri Jin, Kirigiri ???
Love interest: N/A as of right now.
Hobbies: Reading, evaluating crime scenes, solving any type of mysteries, really. 
Positive personality trait: Pragmatic
Negative personality trait: Gruff
Weapon of choice: Fists, gun.

Weak or strong physically: Average. Physical pursuits are not really her forte.  
Weak or strong mentally: Strong
Selfish or selfless: Selfish
Something my muse is good at: Keeping calm; not letting outside influences affect her opinions and emotions.
Something my muse is bad at: Opening up to others; she tends to keep herself hidden under lock and key.
Why my muse is well-thought-of?: She is able to remain calm and collected when chaos strikes. Her observant nature helped her classmates multiple times in solving the murder mysteries of the despair academy.  
Why muse is detested?: She is very curt and gruff, thus giving people the wrong impression of her nature. She tends to say things as they are, which most people do not really enjoy. 
Good memory: Getting her acceptance letter to Hope’s Peak.
Bad memory: Watching Naegi’s execution. 
Optimist, pessimist, realist, cynical: Realist.


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( Tentative, keen, observant, such
   as she. To observe was to understand,
and to understand was to manipulate.)

         For what purpose does one’s gloves serve? 

The detective does what she knows best: to detect the crime scene before her. Lilac eyes start to scan the stranger before her, silently prodding and picking apart his visage. She notes upon the obvious things, from hair color to height, from how well he is dressed to how his hair falls into place. And finally she focuses on one last thing, the only thing that ties the unlikely two together: their gloves.

Keeping her calm demeanor up in place, she takes a small moment to respond to his inquiry. In the metaphorical sense, gloves are meant to signify something one is trying to hide—a secret, per say. Everyone has things they would rather leave unsaid, but some go to the extremes to protect their skeletons.

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